UBCO STEM Collaborative: Individual STEM Groups

UBCO STEM Collaborative: Individual STEM Groups

Welcome to the UBCO STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Collaborative!

STEM disciplines are catalysts of innovation and advancement, and as such are driving organizational change and advancing equity, inclusion and diversity in STEM fields across UBCO.

Within the UBCO STEM Collaborative, individuals including faculty, staff and students and/or groups and organizations, housed on campus, offer a broad range of formalized youth outreach and professional development programs to increase awareness, foster interest/educational excellence, and encourage participation in STEM education and/or careers. All who share in this collective are dedicated to ensuring programs reach all ages, from youth to adult professionals and older adults.

Please use the Individual STEM Groups drop down menu above, to explore a few of these UBCO STEM partners, and find links to available programming.