iSTAND (integrative STEM Team Advancing Networks of Diversity) at UBCO supports STEM education through youth camps, individual classroom visits, and informative sessions, on campus and within the community to promote organizational change that builds equity, diversity, and inclusion changes in STEM education and enterprise. iSTAND actively engages with profit and not-for-profit partners to bring engaging and informative sessions to academic and non-academic STEM professionals and to develop strategies in support of women and underrepresented persons in STEM disciplines.


Build a dynamic collaborative team to excite youth about STEM fields as well as create a network to recruit, support, and increase retention of women and underrepresented persons in these fields.


  • To create STEM education initiatives specifically aimed at enhancing diversity and facilitating growth.
  • To create a culture that supports and retains women and other underrepresented persons in STEM fields and academia.

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